Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Baked Fried Chicken

I could never be a vegetarian because I LOVE LOVE LOVE fried chicken. It is my ultimate favorite thing to eat, give me fried chicken and I'll be your friend forever. When I saw this recipe for fried chicken on Pintrest I had to try it! The recipe come from the blog Our Life Uncommon, this recipe was great because you could make however much you wanted with it! 

I just used 2 smaller chicken breast, and soaked them in the milk for 20-30 minutes like the recipe said. 

The recipe called for using a stick of butter to melt in the pan, to me that seemed a lot. I used a half a stick, it melted and I though wow that is still a lot of butter! But believe me you need it! When the chicken cooks the butter cooks as well so if you don't have enough butter then your chicken will stick to the pan. 

For the breading I used the ingredients it gave;  1/2 tsp. Salt, 1 T Season All 3/4, tsp Pepper, 1 c. Flour,
2 tsp. Paprika. I also added onion powder and some corn flakes to make it extra crunchy! Taste the mixture, if it is too strong then add some flour to dilute it. 

Then just put it in the oven! I cooked it at 350 cause I was only using 2 pieces, and I didn't want it to cook as fast. I had some mashed potatoes and a Caesar salad on the side! I would put a picture up, however Alex ate it too fast for me to catch a good one. He liked it more and more with each bite! 

Happy eating! 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Cooking for Two

With Alex working at nights, I have started trying to cook new things to occupy my time. Pintrest has some amazing recipes and I love seeing what I can make that is cheap and easy. Most of the recipes out there are for 6-8 people! Alex and I are big eaters, but there is no way we can pound down huge amounts like that. Believe me we tried.

I would consider Alex and I to be naturals at cooking. I have started cooking since I was young, my mother set the example of how to be a wonderful cook and to try anything, no matter if you think it sounds gross. My earliest memories of cooking was in Young Womens. We would get together to cook, and plan meals for the week. I learned how to make some yummy pies, cook a meal under 5 dollars, and much more. Alex started cooking when he was on his mission to the Baltics. On his mission he never got fed by members, in my opinion this turned out to be a huge blessing! Cooking to him was a huge stress relief, Alex learned to cook with some scarce ingredients, but he is amazing to have in the kitchen.

This blog it to give other couples ideas and recipes that they can actually use. Through my trials of cooking, hopefully you guys can make some great food. I'm excited to start and be able to help others! If any of you guys want me to try something just leave me the recipe and I'll give it a whirl.